Petrochina has completed all production and operation targets

Release time: 2019-01-18

On 17 January morning, the group company general manager and deputy secretary of zhang wei work conference in 2019 to do the production and business operation report, comprehensive summary in 2018 and the main achievements in recent years, analyze new situation new task faced by the group company new requirements, arrange the deployment of 2019 key task, emphasis on focusing on high quality development, highlight the integration synergy and comprehensive goals and tasks to finish the production and operation, for the sustainable and healthy development of our country economy and social stability to make new contributions.

First, we need to improve the HSE system to ensure a stable environment for safety and environmental protection.

Second, we will vigorously increase domestic exploration and development, and ensure that crude oil production remains stable while natural gas production grows rapidly.

Third, continue to promote refining business transformation and upgrading, and steadily improve the level of efficiency.

Fourth, adhere to the expansion of market purification gun increase efficiency, to ensure that the market share of refined oil sales does not decline.

Fifth, highlight resource optimization and terminal sales to enhance the value of the natural gas industry chain.

Sixth, promote high-quality and efficient development of overseas oil and gas businesses and expand international business achievements.

Seventh, focusing on the increase of oil and gas storage and production and the construction of major projects to further enhance the service business security and competitiveness.

Eighth, we will vigorously strengthen scientific and technological innovation and information technology to provide strong support for production and operation.
Nine is to promote the improvement of mechanism and management, effectively stimulate the dynamic vitality of enterprises.